Mystery Box

dsc_0691Use the mystery box to gamble your way to the 3 best guns on the field, extra lives, a super shield and more. Press and hold a button until the song ends. Be careful though, not e verything in the mystery box is good. You could end up on a team all alone, or loose a life. Below is a list of everything you can find in the mystery box.
* Rail Gun
* Battle Cannondsc_0692-1024x744
* Charge Rifle
* Extra Life -after giving you an extra life, the box will shut down for 45 seconds
* Super Shield-200 health points
* Team Swap -This puts you on a new team where you can shoot any player on any team. You can also be shot by any player.
* Take a life
Button Mix-up -Just when you think you’ve figured out where everything is, a laugh lets you know that all of the buttons are now mixed up.

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