Laser Tag Field Set Up

Customizable field options let you control the game!


The Cargo Parachute is a 24 foot military cargo parachute over a 10    foot by 10 foot frame that stands about 5 feet tall. This impressive barricade can hide more than a half dozen players on each side!. We put our King of the Hill Light pole on top so it is visible from everywhere on the field. Hide behind it, shoot around it, or over it.







The tent bunker stands about 6 feet tall with a door opening on one side, and 3 windows to shoot out of. The windows can also be closed to create a large barricade to shoot around.









The vertical barricade is about 3 feet wide by 5.5 feet tall. It is perfect to shield one person and allow them to shoot around or over the top.







The horizontal barricade is about 3 feet tall by 5 feet wide. This is a great barricade for two players to hide behind and shoot around or above.









The umbrella blind is ideal for one person to crouch or lay behind. Perfect for giving cover fire while making yourself has hard to hit as possible.






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