The Missions

Dozens of missions help keep the party fun and can be adapted to all age groups. You can choose, or leave it to us to customize your game play 

If you’d like us to run a specific mission at your party, let us know when you book.



This is one of our most popular missions. 2 players start out as Zombies with a special zombie blaster and unlimited lives. Their headsets and guns glow green. You can kill the zombie, but they come back to life after 10 seconds.  When they kill you, your colors and gun change to green and you’re now a zombie. Be careful, your ammo is limited in this game so only shoot when you absolutely need to. The winner of this game is the last player to be turned into a zombie.



The enemy team has captured your flag, and you want it back. When the game starts you have to battle to retrieve your flag and bring it your home base. When you bring it back, put it on your respawn box and a siren will let everyone know you just won.




When the battle begins you have to take out all the players on the other team. When a player’s health points expire, the player is out. There are no re-spawns in this game. When all the players on the other team are eliminated, you win.





It’s everyone against everyone in this fast paced game. There are no teams, limited lives and ammo and the last person standing wins.





Dominate (King of the Hill)  is a fast paced strategy mission. The light pole on the parachute barricade is glowing the enemy’s color. Your mission is to battle to the center and light the pole with your team’s color. The winner is the team who’s color is lit when the timer runs out.




Each team has a VIP that must be protected at all costs. When the game begins, you try to take out the other team’s VIP. The team who does that first wins.





The enemy has one of your teammates somewhere in their territory. When the game begins you have to fight to get your teammate back alive. The first team to do that wins.





You will either be attacking or defending 3 bunkers. If you are defending you’ll have high powered shotguns, sniper rifles, and heavy machine guns. If you are attacking you will only have heavy machine guns. If the attacking team captures the bunkers they win. If the defending team eliminates the attacking team’s players, they win.




It’s you and one other person against everybody. You’ve been wrongly convicted of a crime and you have to escape enemy prison. You have a limited number of lives, but re-spawn instantly. You also were able to find a shotgun that has been specially modified to eliminate the enemy in just two shots. Fight your way out of prison before it’s too late.




Someone on your team is a double agent. When the game begins, they try to eliminate your team without you finding out. Find them before they find you! When one team is eliminated, the game is over.





One person on your team is assigned to be the medic. When you get shot, you have to get to the medic to re-spawn. But be careful, the medic has a limited number of times he can bring you back.





The enemy has planted a bomb and your mission is to find it and diffuse it before it goes off.






You are part of a small group of snipers armed with high powered, high range weapons. Your mission is to eliminate the other, much larger team.



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